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Hiking poles


Are your efforts during a hike sometimes too difficult?

When the effort is intense and long, it is necessary to be properly equipped. 

We have designed Hiking Poles to allow you to trek extensively in the most remote mountainous areas.


Need an accessory for your hikes but don't know what to choose? Here are our Hiking Poles:


Practice Hiking Poles: designed by a team of engineers, Hiking Poles are easy to fold and small and light enough to be stored in your backpack.

Adjustable The length can be adjusted in 3 points to find the size that suits you.

Intelligent The handles are moulded to the shape of the fingers for a comfortable fit and equipped with adjustable straps that act as a hand strap.

These Hiking Poles are designed to help you balance, propel yourself and distribute effort between arms and legs.


Material: Aluminium

Length: Adjustable from 67cm to 135cm

1 stick: 215 grams

Additional accessories : Conventional foot cover, Horseshoe foot cover, Snow plate, Protective caps

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