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Ping Pong kit


Do you like playing table tennis?

The Ping Pong Kit has a table tennis net that can be installed anywhere. 

This means you can adapt it to any table.

Table tennis kit offers a great opportunity to relax and have fun, whether you are a table tennis beginner or have professional level skills, young or old, male or female.


Are table tennis tables too bulky for you? 

Our extendable net in the Ping Pong Kit is perfect for you! It is adaptable to any table and will keep you happy for days!


Compact for easy transport This adjustable net can fit in your bag without getting in the way or taking up too much space.

Can be used anywhere Set up your net in less than 10 seconds on most tables.

Transportable and practical With its small size, you can take the Ping Pong Kit everywhere with you

Take your Ping Pong kit anywhere to challenge your family and friends, anytime, anywhere.

Snowshoeing : 5 layers of sturdy wood and a rubber coating

Retractable net: 150 cm wide and 5 cm thick, rolls up automatically in the holder

Contains: 2 ping pong rackets, 6 balls, a retractable net and a sturdy carrying bag

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