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Ultimate Frisbee


Do you enjoy outdoor activities when the sun comes out?

You've probably already heard of Frisbee.

Its quality of construction and its solidity make it a disc of choice for the general public and the sporting world. Its leading edge gives it good stability in flight.


Very light The weight and shape of the Frisbee have been worked on to make it a premium disc with a very good flight quality.

Transportable anywhere Frisbee: often used on holiday or at the beach, the Frisbee is small and very light. 

Aerodynamic design Its leading edge and weight give it good precision and stability.

With excellent flight characteristics, the Frisbee is easy to throw and catch. Ideal for the most inventive players to perform free tricks.


Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 5 cm

Weight: 175 grams

Material: Plastic

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