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You don't like to pollute during your hikes? 

Indispensable for hikes or trips, our cutlery cutlery brings together two forks, two knives, Chinese chopsticks and two spoons in two protective boxes. 


Tired of disposable and easily breakable cutlery during your hikes?
The cutlery set is the perfect replacement for disposable cutlery and above all, they are much healthier, more pleasant to use and more efficient than plastic cutlery.


Easy transportation : With a carrying case, this cutlery set is convenient to carry anywhere.

Rustproof and durable : They are corrosion free and rust free due to the use of the stainless steel material.

Ecological : recyclable and strong, no need for disposable cutlery.

The fork will allow you to prick easily, the knife cuts "for real" and the spoon will be there to enjoy good desserts!


Weight: 200 gr. (XNUMX oz)

Number of pieces: 8

Dimensions : 19.3 x 14.99 x 1.78 cm

Weight: 199.58 gr. (XNUMX oz)

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